Islam: Root Cause of Grooming and Rape All

Islam: Root Cause of Grooming and Rape  All Over The World

Posted on May 28, 2013

oxford-guilty-450x280By :

Packs of rapists and groomers seems to be epidemic in the UK. Their common denominator is their religious and cultural background. As a psychologist, I am not surprised that this horrific phenomenon emerges among immigrants from Islamic countries. Just as any other religion and culture, Islam and Muslim culture nurture certain psychological traits that influence values and behaviour.

Abuse in Muslim culture

The Quran’s description of women as inferior to and the property of men not only removes womens’ basic human rights; it also influence men’s view of them. As a result, Muslim cultural traditions have for centuries treated women as second class citizens, forced to marry and have sex with men against their will, and living under a constant death threat should they dishonor their family by violating the misanthropic Sharia laws.

The brutal treatment of innocent young girls may be shocking to those who do not know how women are treated in Muslim countries, but it would be naive to think that people change their habits and views and raise their children to integrate into what in their eyes are blasphemous customs just because they cross a national border.

The statistics speak for themselves. Research suggests that 91 percent of the between 7,000 and 20,000 honor killings each year are committed by Muslims. On top of this statistic come the countless cases of non-deadly honor crimes. In Britain alone, the police estimate that 17,000 cases of honor-based “forced marriages, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and even murders take place every year.” In Turkey, 42 percent of women are victims of physical or sexual abuse. In Morocco, the share is 82 percent. In Egypt, 99.3 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment. Etc.


2 thoughts on “Islam: Root Cause of Grooming and Rape All

  1. We, the patriotic Americans, will continue to effectively resist, oppose and revolt against the Islamisation of America.The cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites, who are leading us to the cultural slaughterhouse by selling us into islamic slavery will be called out and identified.

    Yes, we are losing the struggle to defend America from the deliberate cultural annihilation of our nation. As more people realize this we will see an increasing number of Americans joining our ranks to fight by our side. Many brothers and sisters have fallen already,

    The pioneers, the brave heroes, and the first to pick up their guns. We are the legacy of these first “unknown” pioneers. We did not want this but we are left no choice. Armed struggle is the only rational approach in stoping the islamic threat to freedom. We, the free men and women of the USA, hereby declare a pre-emptive war on all the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites America.

    And we have a very clear message for you:

    We know who you are, where you live and Americans will one day be coming for you. If not today, then tomorrow, if not in 10 years, then in 50 years. We are in the process of flagging every single multiculturalist islamo-nazi traitor in the USA. You will be punished in time for your treasonous acts against America. We will ensure that all traitors, and the enablers of Islamisation and the destroyers of our culture, nation and societiy, will be executed after public trials and your property expropriated.

    At this time we are now making the world aware of the existence of an armed anti jihadi group of infidels based in America with chapters in Europe. The group has members everywhere and has had them for sometime everywhere SOF is now letting the world know it is alive and well islamo-nazis you have been officially warned. The days of islamic intimidation are now over. The radical hand of Islam shows itself with violence against anyone who dares to stand up and speak the truth. The Sharia Opposition Force will not back down, and will not be silent.

    The Sharia Opposition Force goals are pretty simple and to the point.

    Any future attacks by muslims or any forced conversions and or forced adherence to islamic law ie Sharia will be DEFENDED and opposed with with lethal force, and our weapons oil has pig fat in it too.

    This applies anywhere to include the United States..

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